Mobile App Growth Exploding, and This Shows No Signs of Letting Up

The number of apps is exploding, driven by a huge uptick in the number of mobile devices — and people are using those apps all day long.

Flurry, a company that provides app developers with tools to measure how much people are using their apps, released data on “the state of the apposphere” today at MobileBeat 2013, VentureBeat’s mobile industry conference here.

According to Flurry’s chief product officer Prashant Fuloria, the company now tracks 300,000 apps from 100,000 developers worldwide.
Those apps are on one billion devices, giving Flurry data on more than three billion app “events” each day. The company tracks events such as a customer starting up an app, making a purchase within the app, leveling up within a game, and so forth.
The company now collects data on 1.3 trillion different in-app events each month. The growth in app events that Flurry tracks matches the explosive growth across the board in mobile app usage.

“We’re seeing a tremendous disruption by mobile” as huge numbers of people move from the traditional web to mobile devices, Fuloria said. That’s being driven by the large number of mobile devices around the world — and there’s plenty of room for more growth.
For instance, China recently surpassed the U.S. with the number of smart devices, with 240 million smartphones and tablets in use. But that represents just a quarter of China’s population, which means potentially, there’s far more room for growth in China. Ditto in India, which has the same number of smart device users as Canada — but has 36 times the population.

By Dylan Tweney

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