SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

DREAMTECH offers Marketing and SEO tools that will help businesses get the most out of their websites. Some of the tools we provide include Quick Shopping Cart, Search Engine Visibility, Express Email Marketing, Fax Thru Email, and Quick Content. 

Quick Shopping Cart allows businesses to start an online store. The best part about this Marketing and SEO tool is that it lets you create a shop even if you don’t have any technical skills. The store accepts all major credit cards and provides various shipping options. 

Setting up your online store takes three easy steps. You just need to choose a design. Then add the products. They can be organized according to categories. The last step is to publish the store and start selling. All our plans come with no set up or per sale fees. They also come with free support and hosting with guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent.

Another Marketing and SEO service we provide is Search Engine Visibility. It drives more customers to your website by promoting it on major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. We make sure that customers can easily find your website. Our service helps you increase your search engine rankings that result to more visitors.

We create sitemaps 

We will take care of submitting your web pages to search engines. You can use our SEO services to determine the search terms used by people within your industry. This information can help you plan the contents of your website by inserting the keywords to new or existing pages. Leave your SEO worries in our hands, and we will ensure that your website will start attracting the right visitors.

Express Email Marketing is the most cost effective Marketing and SEO services that will help a business connect with customers. Email is still an effective promotional tool today. For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you’ll get back around $40. When combined with social marketing, your ROI will be better.

With our email marketing service, you can send unlimited emails. You can choose from more than 160 email designs and use our library of more than 20,000 images. We provide an email editor that allows you to create HTML and text emails.

Customers can also get our Fax Thru Email service that will replace their old fax machine with a paperless solution. It is cost effective and allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. We will provide a unique fax number, and all the faxes will be directed to your email inbox. You can also send out faxes from the email.

Quick Content is one of our Marketing and SEO services that will turn your parked domain into a website. We create professional articles based on keywords you provide. This allows website owners to keep their website updated with fresh content every two weeks.


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